Andrew R. Quinn

Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Office 365, Engineering #2

1156 High St

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

My goal is to make it easier for developers to build correct and efficient software systems. I have a developer-focused approach to research: I focus on the fixing the problems facing developers when building large-scale applications. My work is in the intersection between operating systems, architecture, programming languages, and software engineering, but I primarily consider myself a ``systems person’’.

Most of my work is about bugs: finding them, understanding them, and fixing them. For example, my dissertation proposed data-centric execution inspection, a data-oriented approach for analyzing the runtime behavior of a software system. My thesis treats software executions like data objects and thus enables the use of data-oriented techniques, such as massive-scale parallelization and relational query models, for software engineering tasks like debugging, security forensics, data provenance, and configuration management. Currently, I’m exploring how data-centric execution inspection enables better distributed systems debugging, runtime verification, and could be improved through automated learning.

I also explore the the intersection of software reliability and emerging hardware technologies. For example, we improved the reliability of persistent memory applications by automatically finding bugs (Agamotto) and fixing bugs (Hippocrates) in these applications. We performed the first study of bugs in, and software-like debugging tools for, FPGA circuits (Brave New World) and are continuing to work on reliability techniques in this space (coming soon!). Finally, I’m working with a group at UCSC to improve the reliability of GPUs (coming soon!).

Lastly, we are investigating the reliability and performance of applications in disaggregated computing. We’re studying the performance implications of using these system and proposing solutions to mitigate bottlenecks.

If any of this interests you, let’s talk!


Mar 19, 2022 My paper, “Transcendent Debugging the OmniTable Way” was accepted to OSDI 2022! See My Tweet, or the original HotOS paper for more information.
Sep 9, 2021 I defended my dissertation, Data-Centric Execution Inspection! A huge group of family and friends showed up, thanks for being there! :smile:
Jan 8, 2021 Our paper, “Debugging in the Brave New World of Reconfigurable Hardware” was accepted to ASPLOS! See Jiacheng’s Tweet for more info, and email me for a preprint.


Pooneh Safayenikoo , PhD student
Yiwei Yang , PhD student